Tala Vala - Beach Tranquiliser

Kadri Voorand - Energy

Lee Pardini - One Day at a Time

Brian Woodbury - Better

Tobin Sprout - Every Sweet Soul

The Fade

Run Off the Road

The High Road

Lateness of Dancers

Steel On Steel

King Crimson - Elephant Talk

Apifera - Lake VU

The Doors - Light My Fire

Katy Kirby - Juniper

Modern Studies - The Body Is A Tide

Night Song

Slow Melody in Bhairavi

Short Ride in a Fast Machine

Jesus' Blood Never Failed Me Yet

Sonata II

Matt Berninger - Let It Be

Porridge Radio / Piglet - Let's Not Fight !

The White Stripes - From the Basement

Gary Moore - In My Dreams

Kishi Bashi - Laughing With

Wild Flower

Vision Thing

Caucasian Walk

Broken Fingers

TV as Eyes