Depressione Caspica

Terra dove andare

Peasantry Or 'Light! Inside Of Light!'

Wings over Water

There She Goes

Sojourn Sam

The Jesus and Mary Chain - Darklands

Cocteau Twins - The Moon and the Melodies

Hurt You So Bad


The Realist Killaz

Lawyers in Love

My Name Is

Everlast - Whitey Ford Sings the Blues

Get Down

9 Crimes

New Frontier

Summer Fades

La Ballata dell'Uomo Ragno

Ali Farka Toure & Ry Cooder - Talking Timbuktu

D'Angelo and The Vanguard - Black Messiah



Suzanne Vega - Tiny Desk Concert

Mark Lanegan - Live on KEXP 2014

Heaven, How Long